Surname is important than Name…. 

hi everone.. i am new here actually it is my first blog of my life so if there is any mistake please forgive me. I belong to Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh).  This incident that is i am going to share, happens with those people who belong to schedule caste.  In many form they are harassed because of their caste and religion. 

there are lots of people who are living their lives under some kind of threat.  they are suppressed everyday. I was shocked after knowing that there is place where Dalits are not allowed to wear slippers in the locality of upper caste they have to put off and they can pass from there. This is the example that in this technological world the minds of people are narrow they think that honor is made by suppressing others. I am Dalit but honestly i did not face discrimination in my childhood or you  may say i was unaware about this so I could not aware of it. now further i will describe about a incident which happened with me..

I was coming from the mall with my friend. He was riding the bike and i was sitting at back seat. you all people know that Kanpur is most populated city of Uttar Pradesh.  there was much crowd so our bike’s speed was slow. It is normal in Kanpur riding bike without helmet and even without any documents. Some cops were stopping bikes to check the documents and all safety measures.  we were also stopped by a cop.  He put his arm in our way and said “Come this side. stop stop“. so we stopped the bike. He asked “Show me your papers” like any other kanpurites we didn’t have the documents and helmet. we said in hesitation  “Sir we don’t have documents. ”  He asked “Your helmet?” . we just looked at my friend ‘s face and he looked mine. He said “you have to pay the fine then“.  we requested “Sir we are students we just forgot to carry the papers and helmet ( this is the most common excuse we make).” He said “Ok talk to the sir”.  He directed us to a heavy and middle aged person. His extra fat was about to blast from his stomach he was too fat so he was uncomfortable in sitting. He was a sub-inspector. He spit his tobacco from his mouth and asked us “where are the documents“.  we said in low tone “Actually sir we are student. Our documents are left in hostel. ” He asked “where do you study. ” we said” sir we are pursuing our B. tech from HBTI Kanpur. “”  Ok show me your driving license ” He asked. My friend gave him the driving license. 

He inspected driving license carefully. After inspecting he said “Ok you don’t have documents nor helmet so you have to pay fine. ” we requested to him “please sir we are student this will never happen again,  forgive us this time.  we assure you this will not happen again. ” He looked at us from toe to head. He asked “what are your names?” In actual he was not interested in our names he wanted to know our surnames. My friend answered “Jayprakash.” Now it was my turn.  I don’t believe in caste and any religion. For me humanity is most important religion on the earth. I said “SATYVEER.”  He asked again ” SATYVEER WHAT?”  He was interested to know my sername. 

That time i was confused whether should i tell my caste surname or not?  I just replied “SATYVEER MANAV.”  He was confused “who uses MANAV as surname.” That moment i did a shameful thing i just hid my caste and said to him “I belong to jat(upper caste)  community.” He just misunderstood the pronunciation and asked “Since when Jatav(low caste) started to use this surname?”  I corrected him” Sir it is jat(upper caste)  not jatav(low caste) .” He said “Oh i see.  it is fine beta you may go now.”  We were relaxed that now we don’t  have to pay fine. But then he said “You know i don’t spare those people who belong to low category i put the fine over them.Beta always remember you are from upper caste and  they ( low caste)  cannot overtake you. push them down. if they are not suppressed they will forget their status from where they belong to?  To make them realize that they are at same level where they belong to.  Always put pressure on them.” This conversation made me disappointed. That is the reason i hid my caste from him.  But i was highly disturbed that i can’t expose my caste and my identity freely. This the scenario of modern india. They are only literate not educated. The main difference between an illustrate and tem is they only know how to read and write. They don’t use their minds to think about the social issues.